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In January, Jack takes time to write down some educated predictions for the upcoming fishing season.

 2016 Seasonal Summary – Wapiti Waters Fly Fishing Montana

Last season started off with some excellent fishing in late March and on into April. Unfortunately, it deteriorated as temperatures became too warm and the snowpack which was slightly below average melted too fast resulting in poor fishing conditions. This premature run-off scenario did have an impact for the entire fishing season; though there was good early season angling, fishing got tougher for the rest of the year. As waters cooled in the fall, there was some excellent fall fishing despite the low flows.
The Key for Wapiti Waters anglers is to adapt, adjust and grin and bear it.


2017 Season Forecast

In late October of 2016, heavy rains recharged the watershed and stream flows throughout Montana. And currently, our winter snowpack is good to excellent with lots of precipitation and very cold temperatures. I am optimistic about our upcoming fishing season for 2017. We haven’t had a cold winter like this for quite some time. Although it is early yet, we will go out on a limb and say it’s going to be a great year. Any questions about fishing western Montana? Call 800-254-5311 and ask for Jack Mauer.

We would like to be optimistic about our trout fishing. If you are going to fish western Montana, we would love to talk trout and fly-fishing with you in general as trout are not the only species we target.

Northern Pike have taken a strong foothold in certain area streams and we love to have our fishermen target these toothy critters. This problem invasive species, as is their piscivore nature, strategies for predation and the incredible size of this fish help them make a big impact on the numbers of trout.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Wapiti Waters Fly Fishing Montana, Jack C. Mauer Montana Outfitter #867 and Fishing Guide

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About Wapiti Waters

Our business has been around for over 2 decades. We have been guiding for 3 decades and fishing the cold-water resources for over 4 decades. No doubt we’ve been lucky along the way and our passion for the waterways in western Montana is real as is the desire to share our passion and knowledge.

Our winter task of tying flies

Wapiti Waters has started the fly tying regiment which means trying to stockpile and build an inventory of good proven patterns for the upcoming season. We have always prided ourselves on tying durable, visible, innovative fish-catching dry flies that match the hatch and are also good floaters. It is a challenge to fool the educated large trout. This is where the guide is in syncopation with his resource and clients. An arsenal of good fly patterns is important but guides also need the technique and knowledge of where and when to use them. This knowledge doesn’t come overnight or by having a new boat and truck, or by being declared Orvis guide of the year. It comes with years of fishing and guiding on the water. That’s right, experience; time honored and earned the old fashioned way.

Talk with us today

Call 800-254-5311 to learn more about options and benefits of fishing western Montana rivers with Jack and Wapiti Waters. Jack is happy to answer your questions.

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