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In January, Jack takes time to write down some educated predictions for the upcoming fishing season.

 2020 Seasonal Summary – Wapiti Waters Fly Fishing Montana

It was certainly a whirlwind of a fishing season. To start, most early spring days were cancelled due to the pandemic. The general public was legally able to fish, however, commercial fishing was not considered legal due to Stage 1 restrictions, the risks of out-of-state fishermen spreading the virus while travelling, lodging, eating in restaurants, etc.

Eventually our governor went to Stage 2 restrictions which enabled all fishermen to enjoy the water. From late spring through fall, it seemed like more people were using Montana waterways; that included recreational floaters as well as do-it-yourself float fishermen and guided trips. It was a challenging year to say the least. We managed to stay healthy and avoided the crowds which has always been a Wapiti Waters trademark.

We had excellent river flows and good fishing on the four different rivers we fish and kept busy doing what we’ve loved to do for four decades — that is show our fishermen a quality day of angling on a quality resource.

If you fished with me last year, many thanks and hope to see you in the near future.

The key for Wapiti Waters anglers is to adapt, adjust and grin and bear it.

2021 Season Forecast

Because of the pandemic and climate change/unique weather patterns, there will be some surprises in store this season. But we don’t anticipate going into the year with any recreational restrictions. Anyone interested in booking a trip in March or April for a spring fishing fling shouldn’t have logistical or operational complications.

Late fall of 2020 had major and snow events which supercharged our watersheds. Since then, Mother Nature had been sparse with the snowpack for the winter of 20/21 until February. A snowstorm is currently getting us just over 100% of average. We should have excellent river flows through early summer anyway. We always encourage those planning on fishing to check out the local conditions and weather before finalizing trip plans.

Our spring hatches are only about a month away now and mid-March until un-off (mid-May into early June) has been a wonderful time to break your “cabin fever blues.”

We hope everyone reading this has a healthy, happy 2021. One can’t take health for granted which is why we always feel like a day on the water is the best thing one can do for oneself.

We are currently taking bookings for the 2021 season. You can call for updates and scheduling. Wapiti Waters takes care of the indivicual anler as well as large fishing groups. Our expertise on these rivers is second to none. Experience does matter. Knowledge on many miles of watersays can put you into some legendary angling. Give Wapiti Waters a try.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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About Wapiti Waters

Our business has been around since 1996. We have been guiding for 3 decades and fishing the cold-water resources for over 4 decades. No doubt we’ve been lucky along the way and our passion for the waterways in western Montana is real as is the desire to share our passion and knowledge.

Anglish Spoken here – Rambling thoughts on why I love to fly

I often think of the reasons I love to fish with a fly rod. I just find that casting a fly-rod is a rewarding way to fish. I will admit it is not the only way to catch fish and it might not be the most productive, but it is the way I like to fish. I like the challenge. That being said, I love to teach casting fundamentals to eager students and help clean up casting flaws to those receptive to a little coaching. I have been fortunate to see the mechanics of some of the great casters and witnessed the joys of a novice fly fisherman begin to “get it.”

Casting a fly rod may not be for everyone as mastering the cast requires lots of practice, however I can hardly wait to get out on the water and not only fish but cast one of the many wonderful rods I have in my arsenal and available for clients to use. Spring is coming, renewal is ahead as winter is about halfway over.

Be well and safe,

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