Tips for your guided fishing trip

Wapiti Waters suggests:

  • A balanced outfit (rod and line weights) makes for more efficient casting. We suggest you let your guide try your rod for a few casts to make that determination.
  • In a majority of boat fishing situations a 6 wt. rod is adequate. The 5 wt. and 7 wt. rods also have their application, i.e. small dries and wind.
  • A stiff butt section between fly line and leader is recommended for better presentations as turnover is enhanced. Let your guide cut off perfection loops as these tangle too frequently.
  • Leaders are the terminal part of your tackle. There are some very good one-piece leaders on the market that are strong and durable.
  • The use of two flies has its place, but they are more difficult to turn over and tangle way too much. Based on the number of belly scarred fish I’ve en­countered, we rarely use nymph droppers anymore.
  • There are two very good texts for the anglers who want to improve their casting skills: When boat fishing with two anglers, patience and teamwork are required. Let your guide coach you both into fish by orchestrating the casting in tricky holding water. Boat fishing is also called drift fishing. With the right oarsman, the boat is a marvelous fishing tool. Longer drifts equals opportunity.
    • The Essence of Fly Casting – Mel Krieger, Country Man, 2001
    • Advanced Fly Casting – Lefty Kreh, Lyons Press, 2001
  • While wade fishing, always use the heron approach – stalk and stealth.
  • Having your own dry bag to keep your gear, i.e. rain jacket, gloves, extra reels, fleece layering, is a good idea.

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