Cast One for Hope on the Bitterroot River Oct 3, 2015

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This is a fun event for a very important cause for Recovery

Posted by Fly Fishing Montana with Wapiti Waters on Thursday, June 25, 2015

Jack C. Mauer featured by Casting for Recovery

Jack C. Mauer featured by Casting for Recovery

Casting for Recovery's photo.

It’s “Meet a Guide” Monday! Today’s shout out is dedicated to Jack Mauer of Fly Fishing Montana with Wapiti Waters. With over 30 years guiding in Western Montana, Jack helped us launch the first Cast One for Hope. Thank you, Jack!

Fly Fishing Montana with Wapiti Waters says “a big thank you Peg and Casting for Recovery! We love supporting you, knowing you and meeting the awesome people who participate in your program and events. It is an honor to be featured here.”

David and Jack on the Clark Fork River in April

David and Jack on the Clark Fork River in April


“What distinguishes Jack from the many other guides I have had in the Bitterroot is that he doesn’t just help you catch fish — he does that in spades — but that he is also an articulate, keen-eyed and gifted teacher.  I learned to fish on the Bitterroot, and Jack’s perceptiveness and patience quickly nailed my mistakes and taught me how to correct them – all the way from casting and mending, to setting the hook, to playing the fish and to landing and releasing it.  As a teacher myself, I appreciate the importance of this skill. I also know what a rarity it is among most other guides working the river: they’re strong rowers and know where the fish are, but they can’t really articulate what you’re doing wrong or explain how to fix it, and that can be frustrating if you’re having an off day.

That said, Jack is not just a guide for beginners.  I have friends in the Bitterroot who are as experienced as any and who fish all over the world, but they always insist on getting Jack when they’re here, if he’s available.  No matter what your level,  Jack will help you catch fish; but more importantly, he will help you to be a better fisherman and to enjoy the beauty of the sport, the spirit of the river and the spectacular setting that the Bitterroot affords.  Jack just takes the experience to a whole other level.”

David A. from California

David was here for business but had time to fish 2 days with Jack. The last day was on the Clark Fork before he took off from Missoula International Airport for home in CA. Here are a few photos David sent us. Thank you!!




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