FWP hosting a women’s ice fishing workshop Feb. 8-10

FWP hosting a women’s ice fishing workshop Feb. 8-10

BIGFORK – If you don’t want to wait until spring to start fishing, Fish, Wildlife and Parks is hosting a women’s ice fishing workshop Feb. 8-10 at Peterson Lake.
A $100 fee pays for all fishing gear, food and two nights lodging at a camp on the shore of Peterson Lake near Bigfork.
The workshop is sponsored by FWP’s Becoming an Outdoors-Woman Program.
Beginner and intermediate anglers are welcome. Activities include learning to use ice fishing rods, tip-ups, ice augurs and sonar fish finders. Participants don’t need a fishing license.
For more information, call BOW coordinator Liz Lodman at 406-444-9940 or email llodman@mt.gov.
Click here for an online registration form.

Ice Fishing — February 8-10, 2013

Near Bigfork, MT

Fee: $100

Don’t sit inside waiting for the long winter months to pass by. Put on some warm clothes, get outside and try ice fishing. This workshop is at Big Sky Bible Camp with a very short walk to Peterson Lake. You’ll learn to use ice fishing rods and tip-ups and other gear like ice augers and sonar fish finders. The workshop is for beginner and intermediate anglers and includes some optional indoor activities and night fishing. The registration fee includes all your fishing equipment, 2 nights lodging dn meals from Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast.

Important September dates for trout

  • 9/10 Bitterroot River Cleanup
    10 am to 4 pm followed by BBQ for volunteers at Anglers Roost (south of Hamilton). Call Don at 406-363-3146 
  • 9/14/17 National TU’s Annual Meeting in Bend, Oregon
    Visit www.tu.org for details and registration.
  • 9/23 32 Annual Bitterroot TU Banquet
    5 pm at Bitterroot River Inn in Hamilton, Montana. Contact Marshall Bloom at 406-363-3485 of drtrout@mtbloom.net
  • 9/24 Montana TU’s State Council Meeting
    9:30 am at the Double Tree in Missoula. Contact Kate Grant at 406-543-0054 or kate@montanatu.org.

Rainbow trout – an entirely synthetic fish. Learn more Feb 7 in Missoula, MT

Rainbow trout – an entirely synthetic fish. Learn more Feb 7 in Missoula, MT

Written by Merle Loman for Bitterroot Trout Unlimited.

Join Missoula and the author for a reading and signing of Anders Halverson’s An Entirely Synthetic Fish. The event will be at Fact & Fiction, 220 N. Higgins Ave, Missoula, Montana on February 10th from 7 pm to 8:20 pm. For more information call the book store at (406) 721-2881. Click here for directions to Fact and Fiction downtown.
About the Book

An Entirely Synthetic Fish: How Rainbow Trout Beguiled America and Overran the World (Hardcover)

By Anders Halverson
$26.00 – ISBN-13: 9780300140873
Availability: Special Order – Subject to Availability
Published: Yale University Press, 3/2010
Anders Halverson provides an in-depth account of the rainbow trout and why it has become the most commonly stocked and controversial freshwater fish in the United States. Rainbow trout have been proudly dubbed “an entirely synthetic fish” by fisheries managers. According to Halverson, his book examines the paradoxes and reveals a range of characters, from nineteenth-century boosters who believed rainbows could be the saviors of democracy to twenty-first-century biologists who now seek to eradicate them from waters around the globe. He discusses how the story of the rainbow trout is the story of our relationship with the natural world—how it has changed and how it startlingly has not.

Anders Halverson is an award winning journalist with a Ph.D. in aquatic ecology from Yale University. With support from the National Science Foundation, he wrote this book as a research associate at the University of Colorado’s Center of the American West.
A lifelong fisherman, he currently lives in Boulder, CO.

Other Montana events for this book are:
Book Signing at Country Bookshelf Bookstore
, Bozeman, MT on Monday, February 7, 2011 at 4:00pm. Click here for more information about the Country Bookshelf Bookstore.
Book Discussion at Montana State Univ., Museum of the Rockies, Bozeman, MT Monday, February 7, 2011 at 6:00pm. Click here for the website for Museum of the Rockies
Plenary Address at the Montana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, Great Falls, MT, Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at 9:00am. Click here for AFS information http://www.fisheries.org/units/AFSmontana/

For fun, he posted this quiz on GoFishn.com. The winner received his book.
The Rainbow Trout Quiz: Question #1 – GoFISHn on GoFISHn
In 1996, IdahoDepartment of Fish and Game hatchery managers routinely taught their fish one thing before releasing them into the wild. What was it?

The answer: worms. Candy Craig got it right, and she’s the winner of a copy of the book. The reason the fisheries officials put the fish on a worm diet was to prepare them for the wild. They feared the fish would swim around looking for pellets  when they were released, which is their normal fare in the hatchery.

Happy new year to all our friends, old, new and not yet met

Happy new year to all our friends, old, new and not yet met

Pinegrass played new years eve for First Night Missoula at Break Espresso from 5 pm to 6 pm. The turn out was fantastic. Lots of people pulled chairs towards the band, stood along the walls and in the aisles and enjoyed coffees, teas, and pastries. Pinegrass has never sounded better. Happy new year everyone.

Pinegrass has been playing weekly since 1988. The over-all sound of the band is a result of the individual influences and passions of each player. The common denominator for all Pinegrass members is to play each number with feeling – they strive to play good tunes, the way they’re “supposed” to be played. You will hear traditional Bluegrass played “true” to the original (mostly), and a bit of Swing, Dylan and whatever else strikes the fancy of the band-mates at the moment. Members are John Joyner, fiddle and vocals; Bill Neaves, guitar and vocals, Chad Fadely Mandolin; Jack Mauer, banjo, dobro and vocals; and Ted Lowe, bass and vocals. Tidbit: “Pinegrass” (scientific name: Calamagrostis Rubescens) is a native grass.

Montana TU moves into the historic Florence Hotel building in Missoula, MT

Missoula, MT – Come join Montana Trout Unlimited at their new office!

What:  A reception at Trout Unlimited’s new office
When: Friday May 14th from 4-6 p.m.
Where:  111 N. Higgins (Florence Building) Suite 500 (5th Floor)

Refreshments and appetizers will be served.

Questions? Contact:
Kate Grant – 406-543-0054
Program Administrator
Montana Council of Trout Unlimited
PO Box 7186
Missoula, MT  59807



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