John Bolton on the Bitterroot River

John Bolton on the Bitterroot River

Doc and his wife, Liz, were up again. They have a sweet little place on the middle river and come as often as they can. John fishes by his house or wade fishes his other favorite spots.

Liz enjoys the quiet time and catches up on her reading.

On this day, he is fishing with Jack. What a beautiful day.

See a few more photos in the slideshow below.

Friends floated the Smith River the first week of June – it was BIG

Friends floated the Smith River the first week of June – it was BIG

This post is going back in time a bit, but worth it. Derek Goldman and Joe Goertzen floated the Smith River May 29 through June 2 and, in spite of rain, had a great time. The two main wrinkles were: trying to stay dry and fishing was not so good.

Derek said, “the Smith was blown out (1,800 cfs!) and not fishing well; same for the tributaries. Oh well. It rained three of the days, but not all day so we were able to dry things out. Still a great trip and Joe caught some fish.”

Derek took the photos of Joe on the Smith. Joe Goertzen, pronounced GURT-zen, is a Missoula artist, businessman and owner of Goertzen Adventure Equipment – “handmade in Missoula.”

Goertzen Adventure Equipment combines vintage appeal with modern creativity. Like your favorite pair of jeans, Adventure Equipment gains character with use and is rugged enough to pass on to your grandchildren. His company takes great pride in the design and construction of their products and strive to produce one-of-a-kind and ultimately useful equipment.

An added advantage in buying from them is the excellent service and product support. If you have any problems or need alterations, they will repair all of the products in a timely manner.

Joe welcomes custom orders and  ideas you may have for innovative products.

To contact Joe:


Phone: (406) 546-0061

Location: 1029 Edith St., Missoula, MT 59801

Derek Goldman is field representative for Montana Audubon; he is working out of Missoula. He has been concerned about Montana snow pack, water levels and climate change. To read more about Derek’s work and how you can speak up about climate change concerns, visit our blog post titled, “Montana Audubon and guides and outfitters speak up about climate change concerns.

Fishing the James River in Missouri with Kyle Kosovich. A great day!

Fishing the James River in Missouri with Kyle Kosovich. A great day!

Introducing Kyle Kosovich – Longboat Outfitters in Springfield Missouri.

Jack visited his mother and sister last week and had the opportunity to fish with Kyle on the James River. Visit Kyle’s website to see more about him, his rivers and his fishing outfitting business. If you don’t know about longboats, give Kyle a call. Jack really enjoyed his day. Check out and you will see why; professional, knowledgeable, experienced, organized and the list goes on. Jack, as an outfitter himself, sets high standards and he thinks very highly of Kyle. Thanks! and we hope to see you up here one of these days!

Fishing in Pennsylvania – Jim and Garry on Spring and Penn’s Creeks

Fishing in Pennsylvania – Jim and Garry on Spring and Penn’s Creeks

Text from Jim: (Thanks Jim for sharing!)

Here are a few pictures from Garry’s and my fishing trip earlier this week. On Wednesday, it was overcast and cool in the morning and then sunny and bright in the afternoon.

1. Palomino trout feeding at Benner Springs on Spring Creek.

2. 13 inch brown I caught on size 18 tan caddis on Spring Creek. I caught another one just like it moments later.

3. Garry landing 15 1/2 inch brown trout on same tan caddis on Spring Creek.

Garry and I fished Spring Creek at Benner Springs from 10 AM until 2 PM. Garry caught 2 fish on bead headed nymphs earlier in the day.When the caddis hatch was out there were lots of trout feeding . But it did not last long and then nothing. In the afternoon we fished Spring Creek at the McCoy Dam just outside of Milesberg. We fished from 4 PM until 7:30 PM. We each lost a fish as we were landing it. Then just as we were about to leave there was another caddis hatch and I caught 2 brown trout, 12 inches and 10 inches.  Garry had stopped fishing. On Thursday we fished Penn’s Creek at Cheery Run.

4. Garry fishing Penn’s Creek.

5. Penn’s Creek at Cherry Run. We fished from 9 AM until 11:30 AM.

The entire time we fished, fish were rising and feeding. We tried every fly we had and never got a strike. There was a caddis hatch most of the time.The men below us caught one fish and then gave up. It is a beautiful spot with lots of fish. Tough to wade!!!!!! See the rocks in the pictures. Take your stick if you go!!


Billy Burk fishing a reservoir in Colorado

Billy Burk fishing a reservoir in Colorado

Billy Burk is a good friend and fishes with Wapiti Waters as often as he can with his buddy Jeff (who lives here). Billy stays in close touch and sends us photos from time-to-time. Here are the most recent ones.

From Big Fish spring 2010 – Billy Burk fishing a high-park reservoir in Colorado

It’s been very Windy here this year too. I took a day off for my Birthday on the 5th, and went to a High-park reservoir at a spot where you have to hike in for a couple miles. Ice off, and opening day did not happen till May 1st this year (very late). I had to fight the “W” for most of the day from straight-on, and my right boot (wader) had sprung a new leak. I stuck with it though; as the fishing was Great!  I landed 22 fish, all but one were in the 3-4 lb class; Whoo-Hoo! They were taking a red Ice cream cone- Chronamid pattern that I tied myself. The only way it could have been better, is if I had someone there with me to share the experience.

Wish I was coming this year again to see you! Will make a concerted effort next year!

Please tell Jack I said Hi. Will keep you up to date, especially after the Rogers’ visit here next month.

Take care, and I hope your fishing season is an awesome one!!!!!

Thanks Billy, we will see you next year! Merle and Jack

Billy Burk caught a fat cuttbow in Colorado

Billy Burk caught a fat cuttbow in Colorado

Billy caught this cuttbow on the Arkansas River in Colorado. Thanks for sending the photo in!
Billy Burk photo of a cuttbow in CO
We would love to share other photos. Send them in with comments about where and how you caught them!

Going fishing today with Montana TU Director, MT TU board member, Conservation District Board member and a group of conservation minded outfitters. We will post photos this week of some rip-rap projects, comments and hopefully some fish, too.


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