Wapiti is a Native American word for elk. We love elk and that is why we called the fishing business Wapiti Waters.

Because I work in our home office, I couldn’t go fishing today. But, I did take my usual fitness break and go hiking. Sweathouse Creek is very near our Chickadee Lane home (5 miles west of Victor, MT). I am lucky because there is access to many ridges with elk, deer, moose, turkeys, and lots of beautiful flora as well. Today I had the priviledge of seeing a small herd of elk, mostly cows with calves. My trusty chesapeake female saw them at her favorite watering hole and came running back to me. Just before she did, a cow that was bedded down caught my eye because she “twitched” her ears….here is a photo. Click on it to open it full screen.

Click the title above to see more. I had a little difficulty focusing while containing my dog and trying to stay calm myself. I hope you enjoy them. Get out, get fit and get to know your resident wildlife!

My faithful companion, Bela (the chesapeake) enjoying herself at the end of our hot hike!


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