Patagonia Riverscape
Jack and I are getting calls of interest about fly fishing in Patagonia – Argentina in 2009. We are beginning to plan our 2009 trip. Today I am going through photos from previous trips. I will put together a slideshow in the next few days and post it. Here are a few photos to entice us.

Argentina is a beautiful country with a good infrastructure. Traveling in Argentina is very easy. Jack was there for 3 weeks in Feb/Mar 2006, he and I went back in Feb/Mar 2008. We loved it so much, we are going again and invite you to email or call us if you are interested in going yourselves. We won’t guide, but we will help you find Argentinian guides and accomodations that suit your needs.
Jack Mauer in Patagonia
Jack Mauer, above, with a nice fish.

A few notes: Jack and I made our own travel plans traveling to Buenos Aires, then to Bariloche, and north to an area where there are many rivers to fish. We explored the country by Argentinian airlines, took the bus – which was VERY clean and plush, and rented a car. The scenery is breath taking, the towns are full of life with great food and lodging options, and the skiing and fishing industries are thriving.

If you want to fish: We recommend that you educate yourselves on the access laws and how to find a FULLY licensed guide. Besides your rod and vest, it is difficult to carry much gear while traveling and almost impossible to ship it down. The fishing trip prices are comparable to our US prices and the outfitters have all the equipment needed for a great fishing and camping trip. Don’t try to save money by going with a rogue (unlicensed) guide. Let me say it is just not worth it.

Below is Marianne Brant from Kila, Montana.
Marianne Brant of Kila, Montana fishing in Patagonia

The willows can form an actual tunnel. Technical rowing is required on these complex water wayswinding through a willow tunnel in Patagonia!

Hiking in the interesting ecosystems, sightseeing in the many national parks, wonderful markets in quaint little towns, Patagonia is full of excitement and fun. You will see what I mean when I publish my slide show.

Editors update: Jack wanted me to mention the people of Argentina, an oversight of mine. Everywhere we traveled, from Buenos Aires, to Bariloche and north, we found the people to be very kind and helpful. They are proud and industrious. From the planes, trains, markets, hotels, bus stations, shops, bakeries, wineries, and building industry and more, they were very good at what they do. Even when they didn’t speak English and could not decipher our bad Spanish, we were able to get what we needed and ENJOY the experience. We love the Argentines.

I am still working on the slide show.


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