The Bitterroot has come up again, but for the last few days it has been fishing. The water clarity is good. We are looking at warmer weather for the next few days and then a cool down. This is the time of year when the fishing status is day-to-day. It could be outstanding with all the water and the hatches, or it could be glaring and hot…not so good for fishing.

The Blackfoot has a hatch going on now, but the water is dirty. The Big Hole is starting to rise with the warmer weather.

Call us for updates. 800-254-5311.

This photo was taken off our deck a few days ago with a telephoto lense. Mom and fawn succesfully made it into the woods with out noticing me and my camera.

Another visitor, a wild gosling.

The goose is hanging around my chicken coop. The photo to the right is about a week later. If you click on it, you will get a bigger size and see more detail. The primary wing quills are a blue color. Interesting!

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