Billy Burk, our good friend in Colorado sent us these great photos recently. He said I could share them on the blog. All the photos are by Billy. Thanks Billy!

From Billy Burk 2011 Super Bowl

Here is a photo of two Superbowl fish. My neighbor Cody and I went to the river Sun. morning and Had the whole river to ourselves; (it’s been a while, due to increased exposure in the media). After landing a double, he donated his (smaller) fish for a photo op. One monster took me out to the deep, faster current and came unbuttoned, Grrrrrr! There was a good Midge hatch coming off though, and we landed a bunch of stocker’s on size 22-26 Miracle Midge pattern. My Bride and I went to some friends’ for their “Bowl” party in the afternoon had a blast there too! What a great day!

From Billy Burk 2011 winter

I took a photo of my buddy and neighbor Cody on our trip to the Taylor River Tailwater ( the Hog Trough) catch and release area. Big fish are always possible. Unfortunately they are very well educated and tight-lipped for the most part! We got snowed on most of the day but during a calm moment I saw this photo-op.

The last photo is a sunset.

From Billy Burk 2011 winter

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